Staying in Paressa Villas and having contact our experienced staff you can do a number of unforgettable activities where he can entertain the whole family such as water sports at the nearby sandy beaches, day- cruise planning on Mount Athos, trekking nature, daily excursion programming to Olympus, scuba diving and visit Thessaloniki.

Other attractions of Chalkidiki you can visit is the ancient Stageira , just 90 km and Petralona Cave 30 km

It is also possible to plan a day trip to the archaeological site of Vergina , World Heritage by UNESCO located 160 km .

agio oros


Mount Athos

Chalkidiki’s third peninsula is the peninsula of Athos where the monastic state of Mount Athos is located, with monasteries that climb up the rocks and count centuries of history. Mount Athos belongs to UNESCO’s List of World Heritage Sites and is worth doing a daily cruise. Ask us how that can be done. If you want to arrange a visit you have to take into consideration the old orthodox tradition of the avaton according to which only men are permitted to visit the territory.


Water Sports

If you love adrenaline you have the opportunity to do water sports and play in the beaches of Chalkidiki. The popular water skiing and pedalo, a ride on banana, wakeboarding and parasailing promise fun combined with action.




Scuba Diving

Leave a memorable experience for the whole family that offers strong emotions whether you are a beginner or advanced scuba diver. Dive in the blue waters of the Aegean and discover its underwater world using the right equipment and under the supervision of trained staff.



You can visit the beautiful Thessaloniki, the second largest city of Greece, organized and with a guide. Thessaloniki is a city that combines tradition with great history and you can visit among others the White Tower, the Byzantine church of St. Dimitrios, the archeological museum, the old town and the Tower of Trigonio at the Byzantine walls. From there you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city. Of course you can also take a walk in the market of the city and have your coffee in one of the city center’s numerous cafes.




Horse Riding

You can do this noble sport with an experienced instructor and feel the sense of freedom and power that gives you. It brings you in contact with nature creating links with a great animal like the horse. Add beautiful landscapes and create a perfect experience for your vacations.



You are given the chance to enjoy the beautiful trails of Chalikidiki, with experienced guides, and enjoy nature and the perfect combination of mountain and sea.




Petralona Cave

You can organize an excursion at Petralona cave. A journey to the geological history of the area where you can admire the most ancient stalactites and stalagmites of Europe. There is also a museum in the area where, among others, the fossil skull of the archaic man, the first European found in the cave, is exposed.



You can visit Ancient Stagira, birthplace of Aristotle and the most important archeological site in Chalkidiki. The site is 90 km from the resort and you can also visit Aristotle’s grove in the nearby area.





Vergina, the capital of ancient Macedonia and one of the most historic places of Greece is located in Pella, 160 km from the resort. In Vergina it was discovered the grave of king Filippos, father of Alexander the Great, and is UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.


Mountain Olympus

A daily excursion to Olympus, the mountain of gods will fascinate you. You can make a daily trip to the highest mountain of Greece with experienced guides, see landscapes of rare natural beauty, through paths for the entire family that will amaze you.